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Tips on the Oracle EBS R12 Upgrade Dilemma

on Thursday, 03 April 2014. Posted in Enterprise Software , Business Analysis, Blog

Tips on the Oracle EBS R12 Upgrade Dilemma

If taking away choices is a bad thing, then giving more choices must be good, right? Not necessarily for all Oracle clients. Too many choices can overwhelm a company. I think Oracle`s strategy is a fair one provide customers with a wide selection of products of a certain type to increase customer satisfaction and meet their unique requirements. After all, we all do it at the supermarket, when they provide us 20 different brands of toast, we are more likely to find a brand that suits our taste and meets our families’ requirements.

Any EBS upgrade is a nerve-racking situation for any entity. Let`s go directly into the subject. Before you begin your upgrade follow these 5 steps:

1. Ask what you are looking to really achieve with the upgrade if you keep your options as open as possible.

By doing this, you can see that the time and stress invested to keep a wide range of choice isn’t likely to outweigh the benefit of possibly just saving a few dollars upgrade or re-implement R12. Do a full analysis conventional upgrade or re-Implementation of R12.

2. Once you’ve made your decision, stick with it.

Don’t allow yourself a “safety net” of being able to take it back or swap just because you’ve changed your mind. Know that this is the right choice for your organization, right now. Stick with your decision all 3 Oracle versions are valid – The decision has No wrong answer. Stop talking and execute Oracle will support you with any of the 3 versions you select.

3. Forget about the other “EBS versions”.

They’re will always be someone that will question or doubt that decision, don’t dwell on how wonderful the things may have been if you selected the other version. Move ahead, many companies i see spend lots of time and money on this point Don’t.

4. Ask: do you really need it anyway?

If you already own several pairs of boots, how will another pair affect your happiness? Focus on what value the upgraded EBS version provides to your company, rather than just upgrading because of Oracle`s roadmap.

5. Trust yourself.

You know what you really need, and what is right for you. Be happy with your choice when you’ve made it, and know that your company will not cease to exist if, by the slightest chance, this was the wrong choice.

When looking to upgrade your EBS release below is the timeframe with the support policies for 11.5 and 12.1


For people that are not familiar with Oracle support policies, Each new version of EBS when launched the first 5 years is called premier and support costs are defined when software is purchased, the next 3 years are named Extended and an extra support cost is usually added.

For example EBS 12.2 that was released GA (General availability) in 2013, premier support ends in 2018.

Decision process for the R12 EBS Upgrade

Lets go to the heart of the question upgrade to which version, Here are my thoughts on the topic:

Upgrading to Release 12.1.3 : This EBS version is currently used by thousands of customers and will provide you the least surprises. The upgrade path is well known and provides the least risk, also if your only requirement is to upgrade for the cheapest short term cost and no new functionality is required for your organization 12.1.3 is your best bet. Currently the majority of EBS customers are on this version and you should be good for the next 4 years.

Upgrading to Release 12.2.2 : Requires to upgrade to 12.2 and then install the 12.2.2 release pack , this version includes lots of new features Online patching which allows the E-Business Suite to be updated while the system is still running and users entering transactions, but lots of new feature here is the link to all new business and technical features : E-Business Suite 12.2 Release Content Document (Note 1302189.1)

Upgrading to Release 12.2.3 : Requires to upgrade to EBS 12.2 and then to install the 12.2.3 release pack, one of the many features of 12.2.3 is to be able to change the new-look and feel of the user interface by changing the below profile :

Screenshot of the profile option that you need to change

 look and feel profile

One of the multiple look and feels available within R12.2.3

screenshot of new UI

For a full complete list of 12.2.3 features, it can be found at the following hyperlink Oracle E-Business Suite Product Specific Release Notes, Release 12.2.3 (Doc ID 1605928.1)

To conclude, my opinion upgrading to the latest version minus 1 is always the safest upgrade. If you think about it most bugs get resolved in the next version following the one the bug was identified.

Like usual share your thoughts & the approach that is or was followed at your company.


Don’t panic if your on release 11 here is the official timeline for your Oracle EBS products, brief explanation

on Thursday, 21 November 2013. Posted in Blog

Don’t panic if your on release 11 here is the official timeline for your Oracle EBS products, brief explanation

Yesterday, received an email from an EBS client that is headquartered in France and they run EBS R11.5.10 in production and they advised me they received an email notification from Oracle that version 11.5.10 Extended support ends on November 30, 2013.

Inquired and yes completely true, but it know falls in the category called sustaining support which means as long as you have your license of your Oracle product you will get technical support, online access to the support tools and knowledge base, and access to all the fixes, updates and critical patch updates that are available.

A month ago met another client in the US (multi-billion dollar company) that is running 11.5.8 and they get the necessary support to run their Oracle products. They just began last month their upgrade path project to Release 12.

If your on Release 11 make sure you start planning for Release 12.

4 reasons, why:


  1. Multiple 3R Analysis tools currently available: Replace, Retrofit or Rewrite Analysis of all your custom objects including the level of effort to migrate to R12 exist and available on the market.
  2. Release 12 is rich in functionalities compared to R11
  3. Upgrading to Oracle R12 provides the opportunity to streamline Finance, HR, and other back office processes that have become a necessity for companies to stay ahead in the race for greater profits.
  4. Also Release 12 extended de-supports ends far far away in September 2021


These are my thoughts, like usual please share your ideas,

Starting point for an upgrade to Oracle 12 Financials

on Tuesday, 01 January 2013. Posted in Oracle Financial Applications

If you are planning an Oracle upgrade, a good starting point is the Oracle -Business Suite Upgrade Plan on Metalink's knowledge base.There is a lot of information it is important to filter your information and create a plan that is specific to your requirements. No 2 upgrades are the same.


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