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Digital Integration Cloud Implementation

Multiple projects implementing an effective systems integration to address business needs and mitigate transitions risk on API architecture and strategic IAAS-PAAS-SAAS

Digital Customer

Multiple projects, implementing effective business applications, customer relationship management (CRM), Entreprise Relationship Management (ERM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to improve customer interactions at all levels.

Application Design Services

Multiple projects implementing application design services providing functional solutions to help business drive value and resolve complexity.

Analytics Information deployments

Multiple projects delivered, as technology makes information easier to create and collect, its volume grows, and effective management and analysis become increasingly critical. Multiple deliveries of business Intelligence, Big data and MDM solutions

Technology strategy and architecture

Multiple projects delivered in production by examining how technology intersects with business in order to deliver information technology value that drives success.

Agile and DevOps advisory and delivery work

Many organizations are progressing beyond the traditional single-speed delivery models and to more of a hybrid m high pace environment. Delivered multiple projects in agile and devops environments.


Value Proposition

Strong capabilities with latest Technologies

We have built strong capabilities in hybrid cloud and are applying of API architecture and different cognitive technology to help our clients achieve high performance, end-to-end innovation and exceed business objectives. Our model is clear-cut, someone who is constantly learning will be very successful in the future of this fast changing field.


Employees at a consulting firm often to work to please their boss who may or may not be aligned with the goals of the client. In the case of independent consultants like myself, the client is my boss and there is no other stakeholder I need to worry or care about.

Vast network of elite consultants

I have a large network of other elite consultants. I collaborate with other consultants to cover for any skills or resources gap. This allows for quick and affordable scalability and ensures that the client gets the best minds working for them.

Our Clients

The individuals and businesses who hire us do so because of our great reputation. We are known to go above and beyond client requests and demands. We work with medium-sized businesses as well as large international corporations and brands.
Recognized by industry as an accomplished consultant - the hyperlink below will bring you to the Oracle website with my recognized areas of expertise:
Alex Antonatos
Senior Consultant
Kristina Fundaro loves to create a great user experience this does not happen overnight, and organisations will not achieve it just by improving the user interface. Often it requires organisational change...
Kristina Fundaro
UX Designer
Eva is at the forefront of test automation engineering techniques, technologies, and methodologies. Her expertise spans all test automation platforms and we have a vast knowledge base of best practices which we...
Eva Cooper
Automation engineer