What I learned from installing Google and YouTube Analytics

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What I learned from installing Google and YouTube Analytics


Tracking analytics are a polarizing subject. On one hand, its precise measurements and metrics can provide invaluable, information crucial to fine-tuning your website, and answer questions like Where are they coming from? What are they using to access your site? How are they finding your site? What information are they finding on your site? These are all viable questions every website owner should ask. Answers to these questions were given to me by Google and YouTube Analytics. I was impressed on how much information is gathered on each visit and I am only using the free version of Google Analytics.

The installation is quite simple you install a unique code tracker on the pages you want to be tracked and this transmits the data captured to the google data servers , then this data is crunched and displayed onto the online dashboards.

For Google Analytics, I selected January 29th as data points:

Below are some statistics, Graphical display user hits/by Country and the average duration time spent by the user on that date.

 Snap 2013-01-30 at 19.54.10

Ranking of hits by country

Which default language the system connecting to your site uses

Operating system used,

Internet Browser and Mobile OS

Snap 2013-01-30 at 19.52.50

Youtube Analytics

As well as being the most popular video site in the world, YouTube is also the second biggest search engine next to Google.Considering that over five billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube, we’re spending more time than ever on the site. Now that the site has been given a new layout, one that places a greater focus on subscriptions, it’s now more vital than ever to understand your audience and what content works best.

The YouTube Analytics show the number of times the video has been viewed, your audience (male/female), It allows a drill down to a specific country like the screenshot for a more detail analysis on Age Group. They also have metrics on how engaged your users were by your videos.

 Snap 2013-01-30 at 20.20.43

These tools have become essential for every business and website owner. Why? The effectiveness of your website is largely dependent on the overall online experience of your visitors. Google and Youtube Web analytics provides you with the ability to collect, measure and analyze activities of your online visitors. If you can measure something, you can understand it. Once you start understanding it, you can control it. It also allowed me to understand what devices visitors are using to connect to my site this helped me reduce the time spent testing and focused on these devices.

In addition, with Youtube Analytics it allowed me to understand the demographics and which countries visit my Channel.


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  • George Brassard

    George Brassard

    31 January 2013 at 02:29 |
    Wow was not aware all this information is freely available by anyone installing Google Analytics on their website, at least no personal information is provided, Alex on a side note you have a great site the information is very enticing and filled with sound advice to read you should consider writing a ebook and sell it on the different app stores i think you would make a killing.
  • Justin


    31 January 2013 at 03:51 |
    Everything is tracked on the Internet, the ISP (Internet service provider) controls your internet connection and it's easy for them to monitor the data you send and receive. Every time we use the Internet we leave an electronic trail. Good blog.
  • Salvatore Desousa

    Salvatore Desousa

    31 January 2013 at 09:59 |
    My opinion it helps you optimize your website and for sites selling products provides free data analysis to improve your sales and marketing plan. In Spain, also what is widely uses is PPC pay per click.gracias por compartir.
  • Bao-Zhi Huang

    Bao-Zhi Huang

    02 February 2013 at 15:09 |
    Like the infomation good website, China blocks some information from google, http://www.statstory.com/google-analytics-and-china-opinion/
    What popular in China is Baidu analytics may be install on website

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