The division between IT and Business will dissapear

on Tuesday, 01 January 2013. Posted in Business Analysis, Blog


Companies today must protect themselves from security breaches, failed audits, malware, regulatory compliance, and theft of corporate and client data. New regulations and compliance requirements have necessitated the convergence of IT operations and security initiatives. A Gartner report recently noted that 'the elimination of desktop, server and network vulnerabilities requires a coordinated effort between the IT security and operations groups, because security touches everything and any IT activity should be influenced by security'. Standard perimeter defenses are no longer enough to protect businesses from new and more sophisticated threats. Until now, the industry has lacked centralized security solutions integrated with existing systems management solutions, built on a configuration management database.

There must be a diminishing of the division between IT and business, and this can only be achieved when IT assets are measured by the service they can provide to the organization.  

The industry should work collectively to address the need for convergence of security and system management technologies, to further reduce the cost and complexity of securing technology assets. These technologies should provide compliance assurance to satisfy an increasing number of regulations and harden systems against security breaches. Besides that, data needs to be protected to maintain employee productivity, and prevented from getting into the hands of thieves and malicious employees. Finally, threat mitigation to prevent malware from propagating and exploiting systems is another essential component.

That is why I am a believer that both services will be united in the next four years companies will have no choice to integrate business with IT.

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