Sharing OBI Best Practices - July 2014 SIG (Special interest group) sessions

on Friday, 01 August 2014. Posted in Solution & Business Architecture

Sharing OBI Best Practices - July 2014 SIG (Special interest group) sessions

Last three weeks have been working/sharing with different EMEA and US clients, this included other Oracle Aces on the topic of Oracle Business Intelligence. Below is a quick recap of 3 best practices, every customer should follow unfortunately it seems still today not everyone is following:

1)On the metadata – presentation layer,  seemed a rampant issue within the the sessions, lots of companies still use too many columns in their tables. Follow the Rule of 9; Tables should be organized to show nine or less columns per level.

2) To make the dashboards more effective – Use visualization a picture is worth 1000 words, don't forget the human brain processes pictures better than words.

3) Be highly selective in determining which metrics make it on your dashboard. Ask yourself how your metrics dashboard, connect to the bottom line. Does everyone understand the metrics that matter? An example within these sessions we had employees working for the same company that had different definitions on the same metric.

On the Oracle Knowledge Management site, search for 1455806.1, a must read presentation for any client invested on the Oracle Business Intelligence products.




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