Project Management Keep it Simple

on Tuesday, 01 January 2013. Posted in Project Management, Blog


Simplify your project manager and program manager position within your organization.

Companies in my humble opinion have misunderstood the role of project managers and program managers.

Stop the buzzwords and keep it simple, a project manager manages a specific project to create a product or a service which brings some added value and a program manager oversees multiple projects that lead to improvements within the organization.

The important point to master is How to manage multiple projects? 

The approach that works best for me is to start a project inventory within the system you use. That way you can track the feasibility study, proof of concept, cost/benefit etc, and right from the start. I think it is imperative that all stakeholders face reality. Otherwise you as a project manager get blamed for not meeting fantasy objectives, and you stress over other people's unrealistic objectives and fantasies. It takes some sitting back, away from the immediate fires, to evaluate the demands and resources available to meet project objectives


I even have a project called prospecting where I track the time and the feasibility of these projects. This approach helps me plan projects that actually become reality. Try it and send me your feedback.



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