Predictions for 2009

on Tuesday, 01 January 2013. Posted in Blog

In 2009 with an economic recession, here are my predictions, the message is quite simple ‘provide tangible value and business benefits’:

HOT areas

1) The business side of security will remain quite good, I don't foresee any slowdown since they are a rare breed and provide a good understanding of the business and technology areas.

2) Regulatory Compliance for obvious reasons since the Wall Street Debacle. Companies will make sure they are not cutting any corners

3) ERP-CRM with most companies investing a significant amount of their budgets in these systems, it should be another good year in the areas of IT efficiencies, upgrades and business process re-engineering, the trend will continue to retire most internal developed packages and purchase more standardized packages, this trend will continue and will keep on reducing the overall TCO.

4) BI and Analytical Applications will remain strong as companies embark into more metrics to help management stir there companies for 2009.

5) Open Source, after the dot com crash, open source became popular in the commercial and government markets, I see more companies embarking the road of free software. Most product companies will counter with a SaaS(Software as a Service) Pay as you go model as an alternative

AREAS that should be impacted

1) Application development: Oversupply and weak demand will continue to provide lower ROI and competition is become fierce, pricing and returns will continue to diminish.

2) Project management: PM tools have become mainstream and most corporations have already established there PMO office, this area looks it will begin to be optimized and challenged mostly do to the economic conditions and the tangible value it provides.

3) Hardware purchases and installations: Virtualization since 2007 has been growing rapidly and being adopted quickly, this will hurt the hardware market.

4) Offshoring models are not providing the ROI companies expected, I think this year the model may be overhauled.

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