More Tips on Upgrading from EBS R11 to R12

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An upgrade requires detailed focus activities, the upgrade in most cases impact all core areas of your business, below are 5 additional tips to consider when planning and your upgrade

1) A previous post on tips for R12 Oracle upgrades

2) The PDF file below includes 35 tips from Oracle Consulting - good reference

Upgrade to Release 12  

3) The EBS data model comparison report (from feedback from customers and other Oracle ACE’s at the conference this tool is not well understood and forgotten- It will save you lots of headaches incorporate it into your project) it provides the static database object definition changes between two EBS releases to help users to preview the database object definition changes before upgrading their instances from one release to another and understand the impact of the database object changes that may affect the customization or business flows. (See below tip 5)

4) Oracle support has a wealth of information here are some of my favorite document ID’s: [ID 432.1] [ID 806593.1] [ID 1290886.1]

5) You must understand and master the following 4 areas, these tools are provided specifically for your Oracle upgrade

Oracle Pre-Install Patch Report

This report serves as a single point of reference for upgrade-related patches that can only be applied prior to running the main upgrade driver for Release 12.1.

Upgrade Advisor

The Upgrade Advisor is designed to provide information from various sources using best practices and, where applicable, step-by-step instructions.

Maintenance Wizard

Guides you through the upgrade of Oracle Applications technology stack and products from Release 11i versions to Release 12.

EBS Comparison Reports

Assists with the planning of an upgrade and allows to compare the changes between two releases in order to understand the impact on your business flows.

  EBS Data Model Comparison Report

   Provides the database object definition changes between two E-Business releases and helps with understanding the impact of changes that may affect customization or business flows.

   ATG Seed Data Model Comparison Report

   Shows a delta view between different E-Business releases by documenting the seed data changes.

   EBS File Comparison

   Provides a comprehensive comparison of file system artifacts between different Oracle E-Business Suite releases for important file types.

If you have any questions or want to deep dive in a specific topic email me or call me.

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    21 January 2013 at 10:43 |
    I really liked the demo on Oracle very uuesfl!!I am also looking for the same kind of material on KANBAN, but I have not been able to find that anywhere. Anything about KANBAN would be very much appreciated Thanks.Regards, Jette

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