Major highlights and trends from Oracle OpenWorld 2017

on Monday, 02 October 2017. Posted in Enterprise Software

Major highlights and trends from Oracle OpenWorld 2017

The weather has been just amazing in San Francisco, the biggest announcement at #OOW17 has been the Oracle 18 C Autonomous database

Tested the autonomous cloud database , today within the demo grounds and was impressed with no human interaction it was able to

  1. Self drive itself and manages performance
  2. Self scale without any human interaction, adds storage or computing power
  3. Self repair itself ex: automated protection to downtimes like corruption issues with system tables

The Oracle strategy continues in building the apps within the cloud, Here are some of the new products and features: 

In my view, Oracle OpenWorld 2017 announcements will have monumental impact on companies , pressure will be growing for those companies that have 20 year apps/systems to build a cloud ecosystem and integrate it.

The continued rapid technology innovation and consumer adoption are increasing faster than IT can keep up and theyre are too many disruptors on the doorstep of the SP500 to ignore. The differentiator this time, the macro economics are driving business and IT that makes expectations from the business leaders not possible without the Cloud. 









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