Lessons learned

on Tuesday, 01 January 2013. Posted in Business Analysis, Blog



At the conclusion of your enterprise project, stakeholders including members of the project committee, business unit deployment teams and super users should be interviewed.  They share their experience of the project and their views on its success.  They also make suggestions for improvement.  The full results are contained in a company template Lessons Learned document. Following is a short list of certain observations that helped us to a successful project: 

Factors contributing to success
Effective, engaged sponsorship at local and executive level.  The Business Units made resources available and took the initiative in testing, training material review, design & production configuration.  We also used multiple vehicles to ensure recognition of effort.
Dedication of the team, both delivery & business.  They gave 150% to go live on time.
Ability to access senior management in order to push forward when needed.
Weekly Business status update conference calls helped build understanding, acceptance and commitment during deployment.

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