Interpersonal communication - 10 tips

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Interpersonal communication - 10 tips




                                                                       One of the hardest things to do for all of us is to explore communication with an open mind - the key to influencing is to first understand the person you are influencing. Ask lots of open, neutral questions and listen actively to the answers. Different views, well managed, increase creativity and innovation. Avoid compromise try to aim for true collaboration.


On a lighter note, there must be other's who are managing with us because of our different point of view. Having different point of view is not bad, it's the most natural thing. No two persons are the same so definitely there will be difference of opinion. With my experience I have observed, if one is confidant & have strong conviction about the subject, then it's not that difficult to convince other's. One has to be patient & respectful for other's opinion then only one can win other's mind and persuade also with facts and data. By the way having discussion with different perspective always brings out something new & helps most of the time.

We can always agree to disagree but in the end at least you will have a great debate and learn something new, what ever that might be.

Quick recap

1. Allow them to have it
2. Be curious about it
3. Learn something about yourself from it
4. Be open minded enough to consider changing your view
5. Think about how they could add benefit because of their view
6. Relax (Do not lose your cool...sometimes not that easy)
7. Look for shared ground
8. Find the shared ground
9. Use the shared ground to build rapport and trust
10. Consider "leading" rather than "managing


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  • Michael Li

    Michael Li

    14 April 2014 at 18:13 |
    Ask lots of questions, always works !!!
  • Lisa Talbot

    Lisa Talbot

    14 April 2014 at 21:54 |
    Good list i would add admit when you are wrong, if you are wrong and you know it or it has been proven, then admit to it gracefully.
  • Mark Hernandez

    Mark Hernandez

    15 April 2014 at 01:28 |
    Agree with #7,8,9 hard to do but a must, in summary i think you should behave professionally, no matter what the other person says or how you feel. Your own behavior can change the focus of the discussion and decision making from the issue at hand.

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