Happy Holidays and my 2013 predictions

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Dec 24, 2012 at 10:04 PM

First off, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year filled with prosperity, health and happiness!  Wishing you all the best for 2013. 

Below are my personal predictions for 2013: 

In the technology space, Saas (cloud) will continue to rise, IT will continue to deploy new technologies using the cloud technologies like ERP, EPM, CRM and helpdesk will be moving to the cloud for IT to focus on higher value activities. As we became proficient in social and mobile, I think the cloud will change the traditional way of doing business and will continue to be embraced by businesses. Smaller and mid-size companies will likely continue to adopt the SaaS model more rapidly, but I find that large, multi-national clients will continue to be uncomfortable and the adoption rate will be slower for reasons of lack of control and security offered by SaaS solutions. 

I think 2013 the nasty fights between these large players will continue: Apple vs Google. Apple vs Samsung etc.

ERP/CRM/EPM space will go mobile, integration , solution architecture will remain hot skillsets for 2013.

Lawsuits in 2013 will continue. This prediction should not happen if ERP/CRM vendors, consulting firms and implementation partners win projects with accurate and truthful estimates. Some companies still work by promising the world and delivering less than expected, over budget and later than promised. Lawsuits often describe instances where the ERP/CRM/EPM systems failed to deliver any of the expected business results. 

SAP and Oracle will continue they’re buying spree and continue the path towards consolidating the market.

CIO’s biggest headaches will continue to be increasingly complex infrastructures, distributed end users, and a constant expectation for performance.

As for BI/DW, the concept of single corporate data warehouse is dead. Multiple systems need to be tied together. The Big data push will continue as Hadoop and nosql should maintain their upside momentum. 2013 part of many solutions of that puzzle will be corporate data that already exists and how to make it available for decision making.

The end of privacy for all of us, if you don’t believe me, just ask David Patraeus. He thought Google Gmail’s Draft folder would protect his privacy. As you read in the news, it did not...

My top 5 2013 hot skills will be

1)    Brain Power: Critical Thinking, Complex Problem Solving, Judgment and Decision-Making

2)    Application development, I think a trend will evolve and the death of legacy applications may occur faster than we think, companies should continue their affection with vanilla/out of the box implementations, developers will be required to support the decommissioning of these legacy systems.

3)    Having experience in production implementations in corporate wide systems the trend of integration and solution architecture in corporate enterprise will be stronger than ever in 2013.

4)    Project management with know-how It's no longer enough for project managers to possess good people skills and to be fluent in tools and methodologies. To succeed , project managers need technical skills and need to understand the different type of personalities that are included in any organization.

5)    Business intelligence/logic analysis skills must possess the technical knowledge, business knowledge, and strong data and mathematical analysis skillset 

As I mentioned last year my favorite area of growth is Artificial intelligence and the consumerism of robots will begin in the next 3 years.

Check out this link:


Watch the robot trend things will change fast in the next 3 years

In the financial markets, this year’s Barron’s end of year magazine most financial experts predicted a 2013 sloppy growth, as a contrarian be very aggressive invest 100% in the stock market (my portfolio is 80 % Tech stocks and 20 % Energy), I expect big returns for the market. I believe all these analysts are too conservative with their analysis when it comes to the stock market. Interest rates will remain low, Stock market high.

Last piece of advice, negative news on tv, radio, internet is increasing at an exponential rate. Be a contrarian.

You are capable of extraordinary things. Be optimistic.

Optimism, therefore, is also an important component of achievement, and is especially important in times of chaos, change and turbulence. Those who have an optimistic outlook will roll with the punches, will be more proactive and persistent and will not abandon hope. Never forget ... Your Success is not an accident.

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