Happy Holidays and my 2012 predictions

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First off, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Wishing you all of life's greatest blessings.

Below are my personal predictions for 2012:

In the technology space, the Internet has had a great twelve-year run. It's time for something new. Relating to the Internet, I'd say keep your eyes on SaaS (Software as a Service) and On-demand Software. These models provide cheaper applications, cheaper end-user support, and an instant global reach.

Pitfalls to this model include security and the lack of full control that users have become accustomed to. We will also need to think about the disconnected nature of these applications, integration headaches with your corporate architecture and what does this impact when information is in the cloud.

I also see the end of the typical PC desktop, as we use it today, going away. Time will tell, but we may very well be on our way to a virtualized desktop sitting in front of a screen as a terminal, and having all software available, on-demand via the Internet. (Similar to the Apple, RIM, Google tablet model)

For me the next big thing is to integrate the internet in are lives in real time. Access to the internet is still limited by the devices we use. Once we have human UI to the internet such as voice I think it will be possible interact in real time with the internet.

ERP/CRM space will remain solid; the trends will be internal standardization of deployments and newer functionality to assist the business. CIO’s will be forced to “standardize to economize” no choice with current 2012 outlooks, on the positive side it will be a fantastic year for Oracle ERP consultants since Oracle Corporation announced the R11 de-support for November 2013, second point instance consolidations will remain high on the CIO's footprint (latest survey 19% of corporation have more than one ERP instance).

As companies margins are pressured internal hiring will continue, and consultants will be brought in for specific expertise.

CIO’s biggest headaches will continue to be increasingly complex infrastructures, distributed end users, and a constant expectation for performance.

My favorite growth area is artificial intelligence. The next 2-3 years will be devoted to neural network architecture and the capacity to correlate information entered by humans (ex: Watson – IBM supercomputer used on Jeopardy – is an example in its infancy). Then, you'll see companies across the board selling intelligent machines, the next generation of Neural Network architecture. But the real money will not be on the machines since they will mostly be seen as the operating system. It will be on the big data these machines produce and how to incorporate them to establish a competitive advantage within your enterprise.

Last point, disruptive technologies; Virtualization, Social Networks , Cloud Computing, Contextual computing, Semantics are everywhere, companies must establish an internal process to evaluate these emerging trends and technologies, and how they impact your corporation.

In the corporate management area, Talent retention will be #1

Overcoming fear of making decisions #2 Moving the company forward! Taking it out of park and hitting the gas pedal. #3

You will need to take risk in 2012 to get your business going. The one that takes that first step will stay ahead of the others who are still in park.

In the financial markets, my strategy is a contrarian approach; I just changed my investment portfolio to 100% stock. In my investing career when consensus is so strong about next year markets (Europe recession, slowing of Asia, snail pace in US) I think we will surprise to the upside. I think this will be a great year. It will be a bumpy ride but my take, we will be much higher in the next years than we are today, all these current issues will be resolved and new ones will arise.

I am cautiouslyoptimistic and motivated about 2012; I think great opportunities will arise.This leads me to believe that the economy is continuing its reboot.

Always fun in looking back at last year’s predictions


Happy Holidays!


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