Happy Holidays and My 2011 predictions

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Wishing all the happiest of holidays and an amazing 2011. It is time that i make my 2011 year predictions.

In the technology space, this last recession has been transformational; virtualization will remain strong as cost savings (money saver).

Cloud computing - Corporate America confusion will still spread, most companies will still not find the value (ROI).I would remain on the side, this area is overhyped. I think 2012 will be a good year for the cloud.

Business Analytics Reporting will taper off, companies are realizing the complexities and costs of producing analytics for the real time organization. Corporations will go back to the basics, the capabilities of real time analytics will be readily available, the question at what price, I think CIO's will be thrifty in this overhyped area, they will push suppliers to provide proof of concepts before opening their wallets.

Low interest rates and lots of cash on the corporate balance sheet will continue the merger and acquisition drive into 2011.

ERP/CRM space will remain strong, the trends will be cost savings and standardization, will be a good year for upgrades, instance consolidations and adding new purchased companies into your enterprise footprint. CIO's will remain careful and internal hiring to add more internal competency will continue.

In the stock markets, 2010 was a great year, I will be a bit more conservative for 2011, it will be a range bound year with some rocky swings. My current investment portfolio is 90% stocks - 10% Corporate Bonds, I will be changing in January my profile to 60% stock - 40 % Corporate bonds. Main concern many areas are overhyped and the European debacle will spread. Also I feel the hype around some stocks like Apple remind me of the Internet bubble of 2000.

Corporate America will be increasing their dividend payouts, Trillions of dollars on their balance sheet, they will continue the hiring spree that has begun in November.

China will start feeling more pressure to revalue there currency interest rates, or tariffs and protectionism will begin emerging from other countries, this may even cause war.

2011 will be a good year to start your own business. One area that is underserved is the boomers (80 million in North America),  supermarket with lower shelves, online healthcare (vital signs,, home services), Technical support should be good businesses to start in 2011.

For any type of business make sure that you know your target market. If you don’t know who you are trying to attract to your business/website, it is difficult to cater the content accordingly.

Consider how your audience are going to be able to find your business. Niche businesses will always find it easiest to find their audience online.

As I said throughout the years, "Passion" is very important in starting a business. Start with a business that you are very interested in.

I am positive andoptimistic also motivated about 2011, I think great opportunities will arise. This leads me to believe that we are slowly rebooting the economy.


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