Extract from the Oracle October 2013 Newsletter - Various Global Experts share their Knowledge

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Extract from the Oracle October 2013 Newsletter - Various Global Experts share their Knowledge

Let me start by saying Thank you to all my readers — from all over the world! Website has hit 1 million hits and the alexa ranking is 100,000 most popular global website. Thank you!


Here is an excerpt of the Oracle October 2013 Newsletter, different global experts share their knowledge and enthusiam on Oracle functional and technical topics:

Recap of the "Real-World Cloud Integration Simplified with Oracle SOA Suite" presentation

Oracle ACE Ahmed Aboulnaga explains why this was the best SOA presentation he attended during OpenWorld.

OOW 2013 Summary for Fusion Middleware Architects & Administrators

ACE Director Simon Haslam's annual round-up of what he thought was most interesting at OpenWorld 2013 for Fusion Middleware architects and administrators.


Do I upgrade to Oracle R12.2 or Fusion Application release 7?


This is a common question asked by many EBS customers so Oracle ACE Alex Antonatos summarized pros and cons with key points to guide your decision making.


Installing – Can an Essbase and Planning consultant possibly do it?


If ACE Director Cameron Lackpour can install, you can too. Read more.



ipmitool to measure electricity usage of Exadata

Oracle ACE Ferhat Sengönül explains the benefits of using ipmitool to measure electricity.

RAC Internals: cached sequences and 12c

ACE Directoro Riyaj blogged about DFS lock handle contention in an earlier post. SV resources in Global Resource Directory (GRD) is used to maintain the cached sequence values. He will probe the internal mechanics involved in the cached sequences and discuss minor changes in the resource names to support pluggable databases (version 12c).

Java 8 – The Road to Lambda expressions

"Java 8 offers wonderful opportunities and new interesting intellectual challenges for Java developers," says ACE Director Lucas Jellema. His latest post includes some simple examples of Lambda expressions.

Technology preview – Oracle XQuery for Hadoop (New Big Data Connector)

In this post written by ACE Director Marco Gralike, he provides an exclusive demo from Oracle's Dmitry Lychagin, the new XQuery connector for Hadoop, after viewing it live from Oracle OpenWorld 2013.

Does OAM DCC Support Programmatic Authentication?

Oracle ACE JayJay Zheng looks at the Detached Credential Collector (DCC) feature introduced in Oracle Access Manager 11gR2.

Developing geometry-based Web Services for WebLogic | Part 1

This blog written by ACE Director Ronald van Luttikhuizen explains the use case for the service, gives an overview of the software architecture, and briefly discusses GML as markup language for geographical data. Part 2 of this blog provides pointers on the implementation of the service while part 3 discusses the deployment on Oracle WebLogic Server.

Integrating Custom BPM Worklist into WebCenter Portal

Oracle ACE Director Andrejus Baranovskis shares a sample application configured to run a custom BPM Worklist, and shares steps describing how to configure and access it from the WebCenter Portal.

Setup a 12c Fusion Middleware Infrastructure

ACE Director Rene van Wijk shows you how to create automation scripts in order to set-up middleware environments.

Logger with Batch Processes

Martin D'Souza, ACE Director, explains the ability to set the logging level for individual sessions without affecting any other sessions.

Case management supporting re-landscaping

Several factors are driving some organizations to make changes to their application portfolio landscapes. This blog post from Oracle ACE Leon Smiers looks at how case management can ease the transition.

Why doesn’t ALTER SYSTEM SET EVENTS set the events or tracing immediately?

There’s an important difference in the behavior of ALTER SYSTEM when changing paramters vs. setting events. ACE Director Tanel explains it in this post.

Tungsten Replicator Filters: A trove of golden secrets unveiled

One of the strong points of Tungsten Replicator is its ability of setting filters. The amazing capabilities offered by Tungsten filters cannot be fully grasped unless we explain how stage replication works which is what ACE Director Giuseppe Maxia does in this post.

Cloud Control 12cR3, Oracle Linux and VMware

This blog entry written by ACE Director Tim Hall expalns why he would recommend using a virtual environment (Oracle VM or VMware) and run it on Oracle Linux 6 for cloud control.

Virtual Integrity

In his post, ACE Director Jonathan Lewis explains the possible integrity constraints on virtual columns.

Check for postChanges without commit or rollback in ADF BC

A detailed technical how-to post from Oracle ACE Wilfred van der Deijl.

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