Extract from the Oracle January 2014 Newsletter

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Extract from the Oracle January 2014 Newsletter



Here is an excerpt of the Oracle January 2014 Newsletter, different global experts share their knowledge and enthusiam on Oracle functional and technical topics and a list of new Oracle books currently available:

Tag Cloud

This post written by ACE Director Lucas Jellema explores Data Visualization with an HTML 5 Canvas based Tag Cloud powered by JSON.

Configure OHS mod_wl_ohs.conf

Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) is the Web server component for Oracle Fusion Middleware. It provides a HTTP listener for Oracle WebLogic Server and the framework for hosting static pages, dynamic pages, and applications over the Web. In his blog, Oracle ACE Osama Mustafa describes how to configure Oracle WebTier for Redirecting Purpose.

Best practices in solution architecture for Oracle EBS, OBI, Hyperion Planning

Oracle ACE Alex Antonatos shares his hands on tips for best practices when designing your Oracle financial footprint information using R12, Hyperion and OBI.

Adding Targets and Keeping it Clean

Here is a post describing ACE Director Kellyn Pot'Vin's client's environment that shows just how important it is to ensure your server environment is kept pristine.

"Which Way Do I Go?"

ACE Director Debra Lilley guest posts on the Oracle AppAdvantage Blog and talks about how people are transforming their businesses using Oracle Technology.

Twelve new DBA commands for Oracle 12c

ACE Director Julian Dontcheff share 12 new commands in Oracle 12c that will help DBA's with database administration, consolidation, security and availability features.

ACE Director Markus Eisele's latest posts from his German Heise Blog

- NetBeans and WildFly grow together
- JavaLand Highlights
- Influence Java EE 8 (Survey Part 2)

Seconds_behind_master vs. Absolute slave lag

Read this post by Oracle ACE Shlomi Noach to learn about getting the definite metrics your application can trust.

SOA Governance FAQ

What is SOA Governance? Why do I need it? What are the benefits of implementing SOA Governance and SOA the most common pitfalls? This and many other questions are answered in the SOA Governance FAQ by Oracle ACE Luis Weir.

Luis also describes the different components that build up the Oracle Foundation Pack (former AIA Foundation Pack) and also provide some useful architectural diagrams describing its key components.

Practical Example for ADF Active Data Service

ACE Director Andrejus Baranovskis describes in his post the practical approach to implement Active Data Service push update mechanism in ADF applications, leveraging Oracle DB offered notifications functionality over JDBC.

Oracle PL/SQL Code Execution from TimesTen

This post written by Oracle ACE Gennady Sigalaev describes the example of execution of Oracle PL/SQL code from TimesTen.

If you're not using Hugepages, you're doing it Wrong!

Read this brief discussion of hugepages and why they're important for Oracle database configuration provided by Oracle ACE Mark Bobak.

How to Check Broken Job for Oracle Scheduler (DBMS_SCHEDULER)?

Oracle ACE Surachart Opun blogs an example with Oracle Scheduler and how DBAs can check broken job for Oracle Job (dbms_job) at *_JOBS.BROKEN column. DBAs have changed the use from DBMS_JOB to DBMS_SCHEDULER.

Oracle 11g New Optimizer Hint: APPEND_VALUES for Improving Insert Performance

One of the most common ways to improve the performance of an INSERT operation is to use the optimizer hint called APPEND. Find out why in Oracle ACE Ami Aharonovich's latest guest post.

Look who's tweeting now - Sending OEM Notifications via Twitter

Oracle ACE Leighton Nelson shares detailed steps for sending Tweets from Oracle Enterprise Manager in his latest post.


Oracle PL/SQL Programming, 6th Edition by ACE Director Steven Feuerstein. Order a signed copy directly from Steven! It supports a good cause! (available now)

Practical Oracle Database Appliance by Oracle ACE Bobby Curtis, ACE Director Yury Velikanov, et al. (available now)

Oracle SOA Governance 11g Implementation by Oracle ACE Luis Weir and Andrew Bell. (available now)

ebook: Securing Oracle Database 12c: A Technical Primer by ACE Director Michelle Malcher,Paul Needham, Scott Rotondo, and James Spooner (available now)

Oracle Database 12c PL/SQL Programming by Oracle ACE Michael McLaughlin (available now)

JRuby Rails Web Application Development (SpringerBriefs in Computer Science) authored by Oracle ACE Deepak Vohra (available now)

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  • Jennifer Adams

    Jennifer Adams

    03 February 2014 at 22:53 |
    Thanks for sharing the new books just purchased one , some other sites that i follow for more great info.
  • Mark Powers

    Mark Powers

    03 February 2014 at 23:07 |
    Hey Alex,
    This is a wonderful article sharing other people and your work! I am in the process of starting my own blog (first post, woo!) and I think the hardest part of the process is going to be opening myself enough to let people see the person behind the words and thoughts. The lessons I read in this post could not have come to my eyes at a better time. One thing i really enjoy is the stay positive message throughout your blog!
    Another site that i follow for Hyperion is http://www.orahyplabs.com/
  • Vijay Patel

    Vijay Patel

    05 February 2014 at 00:57 |
    I also like Tom Kytes Blog, http://tkyte.blogspot.ca/ the only issue with this blog he works for Oracle and tends never to be too critical of his employer.

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