Don't be scared of strategy, embrace it

on Tuesday, 01 January 2013. Posted in Blog

The ability to forecast accurately is central to effective strategy planning. If the forecast tends to be wrong, the real costs and opportunity costs can be detrimental, on the other hand if they are correct they can provide great benefit. Success demands commitments that are hard to copy hard to reverse configurations of resources and capabilities that are aligned with the competitive conditions of the market.

Forecasting thanks to most graduate schools has become a standard. That is under utilized or mis-understood, it is not a science or an art.

Who dares wins, IMO each company should re-invent their strategy every 2 years, challenge the thinking about the future that we cannot see clearly from a hierachy perspective this area is the responsibility of senior management.

Embrace Risk dont be frightened by it. As a person you will not grow if you don't take any risks.

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