Designing your enterprise physical data model including sample deliverable

on Tuesday, 01 January 2013. Posted in Blog, Business Intelligence


The Physical Data Model defines the data mapping and migration path for data from the legacy system to the new application or system. This model should include the following information for each data element: description; source location; source data type; data transformation logic; target data type; target location.

To complete this deliverable, the physical data model for the new application while considering the data model of the packaged application such as (Oracle, Salesforce, Kaba , if applicable). This data model defines the data architecture of the new application.

Below is a sample deliverable that contains a data mapping of a CRM to target system exercise.

The three important areas of this deliverable that I think must be documented 1- Data Map 2- Relationships 3- Version History (Traceability)


Data Map













Version History (Traceability)



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