Consulting companies win when they control the buying process

on Tuesday, 01 January 2013. Posted in Blog

One way to control the buying process  is with Project Management Techniques. Most of the top rated firms most of the times try to enforce Project Management on their projects. Why? This allows the control of information and empowers the consulting firm to generate more business by understanding the pains, reasons for the pain and to propose future projects. A good situational knowledge of the company by defining the companies pain points and helping them re-engineer their vision is always welcomed by the buyer.

Another great way to solution sell is to build a rapport and a relationship with the decision makers. Our human emotional side make us vulnerable and the top rated consulting firms have understood this principle. Also you increase your win odds when you follow the companies process and engage that relationship with the sponsor.

As more and more firms enter the market and they usually offer similar services at a lesser cost, it will force the consulting sales cycle process to change.

Some points to take into effect is to minimize the Sales Powerpoint showing how great you are (Most clients have probably googled your product or used it before), and customize your solution sell by trying to answer some of these questions.

1) What element of the customers business will be impacted and measured?

2) How much impact and value if possible and over what period of time?

3) What capabilities will be needed?

4) When will the investment pay itself off?

Supplement as needed using the three question types (Open, Control, Confirming) 

To finalize the sales cycle, create a customized plan and try to make sure you get theyre first, in helping them in setting the business and buying requirements, this will increase your win odds. Pre-empt the competition. That's the best strategy and best advice I can give to any firm that is solution selling in this competitive environment. 



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