Building your Business Case

on Tuesday, 01 January 2013. Posted in Blog

Companies should be laser-focused on making it easier for groups of people to do their jobs.  No if's and's or but's about it - that's their mission. 

To build a business case that can be actually delivered, IT professionals need to follow a systematic process for assessing the comprehensive return on investment (ROI) and identify an architecture that can deliver this ROI in measurable stages. The key steps are:

1- Identify the Business strategy (Mission, Vision, objectives and strategies and critical success factors)

2- Identify the extent of the existing Information System problems. This can be performed as starting point via SWOT to review a) business processes (Business processes cartography - Non automated or badly automated processes should be reviewed inline with business strategy and standards as well (SOX and others) – b) information and data architecture (identify the exact amount of duplicate, invalid, conflicting, and untrustworthy data. c) applications cartography d) technical architecture (Infrastructure) and standards (COBIT) e) Services level and emerging methods (ITIL) f) IT department organization (Processes, HR, competencies, training plans, recruiting…) - g) Security  

3- After completing step 2 which is critical to align IS & Business strategy, you may need to analyze the opportunities. At this stage, you need to analyze the IT market, products, and trends as well and proceed to a deep technology benchmarking.

4- You have by now all what you need to startup your long-term portfolio (3 years Projects which will cover Infrastructure, business applications or ERP, Business intelligence solutions, web services and so on.) and setup your action plan. You should be able to quantify a significant ROI and determine the appropriate TCO.


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