As a Manager who would you prefer - a smart performer or a hard worker?

on Tuesday, 01 January 2013. Posted in Blog


Interesting question, yesterday I attended a local conference and I was asked would you hire a smart performer or a hard worker?


IMO, we hire people because we want things done, items produced, services performed. This means I require output, not necessarily hard work, if a smart solution saves time. I'll take a smart performer over a hard worker.

If a hard worker works his butt off, but doesn't get the job done, it is of no use for me. If a smart performer gets the job done without hard work, I am happy, I hire someone for the desired output, not just for the effort.

For example: a fireman who tries to extinguish the fire consuming your house tries real hard for two days -hard work, no sleep-, but you are still left with a ruin. Or a fireman who has a smart solution, extinguishes the fire in two hours and saves most of your house. Which one do you choose?

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