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Centralized Documentation for All Oracle Products

on Wednesday, 01 April 2015. Posted in General - Misc. Tips, Blog

Centralized Documentation for All Oracle Products

I should know get less calls/email on where can i find .... :)

Oracle has centralized all product documentation within the oracle support website.

Once logged in, Select the Knowledge tab and then select online documentation.

My thoughts it's quite simple and intuitive and some other benefits include

- Comprehensive centralized documentation on (, No need for Oracle clients to copy onto internal work repositories.

- Accurate and continuously updated official information all within the same location.

- This easy access to documents supports collaboration between many project users. The centralized location of documents also promotes easy distribution of documents to users on your project.

This action from Oracle, helps simplify the overall customer experience. This type of centralized user design model (one stop shop) is gaining traction and should be part of corporate strategy in helping to simplify corporate processes.



Don’t panic if your on release 11 here is the official timeline for your Oracle EBS products, brief explanation

on Thursday, 21 November 2013. Posted in Blog

Don’t panic if your on release 11 here is the official timeline for your Oracle EBS products, brief explanation

Yesterday, received an email from an EBS client that is headquartered in France and they run EBS R11.5.10 in production and they advised me they received an email notification from Oracle that version 11.5.10 Extended support ends on November 30, 2013.

Inquired and yes completely true, but it know falls in the category called sustaining support which means as long as you have your license of your Oracle product you will get technical support, online access to the support tools and knowledge base, and access to all the fixes, updates and critical patch updates that are available.

A month ago met another client in the US (multi-billion dollar company) that is running 11.5.8 and they get the necessary support to run their Oracle products. They just began last month their upgrade path project to Release 12.

If your on Release 11 make sure you start planning for Release 12.

4 reasons, why:


  1. Multiple 3R Analysis tools currently available: Replace, Retrofit or Rewrite Analysis of all your custom objects including the level of effort to migrate to R12 exist and available on the market.
  2. Release 12 is rich in functionalities compared to R11
  3. Upgrading to Oracle R12 provides the opportunity to streamline Finance, HR, and other back office processes that have become a necessity for companies to stay ahead in the race for greater profits.
  4. Also Release 12 extended de-supports ends far far away in September 2021


These are my thoughts, like usual please share your ideas,

6 Step Checklist to reach your objectives at this year’s Oracle OpenWorld Conference

on Sunday, 15 September 2013. Posted in Oracle OpenWorld

6 Step Checklist to reach your objectives at this year’s Oracle OpenWorld Conference

As we get closer to Oracle OpenWorld- One week to go. I thought of producing a handy checklist of things to get done.

The theme this year looks to be on big data and cloud integration these should be the main topics with a twist on Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications.

Here is the Checklist

1)      Take a look at your schedule and plan to attend a Special Interest Group or those Regional Breakout sessions on Sunday. Attending Openworld you cannot find a larger population of Oracle ecosystems under one conference , this year they expect 56-60k attendees. This gives you access to thousands of Oracle experiences on key learning’s, lessons learned, strategies, tech and functional tips and deployment strategies. Also make sure you add an Oracle ACE session, these are recognized industry experts by Oracle, here is the link:

2)      Make this conference non-virtual, which means interact with others, attendees are coming from all over the globe, not through facebook, twitter, pinterest. I am amazed every year how addicted we have become to our smartphones, tablets... Be social and network!

3)      Bring comfortable shoes. Expect lots of walking and uncomfortable shoes will bring a damper on energy very quickly.

4)      Don’t miss Larry’s keynote, usually he provides the big announcements and summarizes well the strategy and themes of OpenWorld

5)      As usual, the number of sessions planned for Oracle's more mature applications product lines, such as E-Business Suite, Siebel and JD Edwards, will outnumber those for its next-generation Fusion applications. Make sure you add a next generation fusion application session! It looks like some are still available.

6)      There’s more happening at Oracle OpenWorld than any one person can take in. You must Plan! It is similar as you plan a road trip; you usually start with the final destination in mind. Rarely do you take a spontaneous, free-for-all trip with no idea of where you’ll finally end.  Once you decide the final destination, you should plot the path to get you there.

Make sure you can write & measure your conference objectives.

Here are mine:

30% learning (sessions & Oracle headquarters) to help me advise better solutions for my clients

50 % sharing good practices, knowledge sharing with different Oracle clients – these sessions have already been planned and scheduled with the clients in advance date&time confirmed.

10% attending networking events, I plan to grab a coffee in the morning and a well-deserved beer one of the day’s in the afternoon at the Tap and Brew, sponsored by NetApp (Room 101 Moscone South and Booth 3841 Moscone West)

10% Unwind by riding a bike over the Golden Gate Bridge and visit Alcatraz.

Feel free to share your Openworld checklist and thoughts on the topic!

Here is your complete look at Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c pros and cons, and the vision

on Wednesday, 09 January 2013. Posted in Enterprise Software , Blog


Oracle has an early head start with the future of Enterprise Management, and its latest iteration of Enterprise Manager 12c is the best yet. 

While the technology isn't perfect yet, I have been test driving for the past 2 weeks and when testing received some network errors and other hiccups, but pretty stable and flexible and the clunky interface from version 11 has been completely revamped.

 Here is the new look of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c. It’s a beauty.



Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c is Oracle's envisioned product line to manage the complete lifecycle of the cloud. I think as cloud adoption becomes more mainstream, companies will be obliged to follow and add this product into their suite of products. Why?




  1. Oracle has integrated management services, monitoring, and plug-ins that communicate with My Oracle Support.
  2. New web 2.0 User Interface easy to configure and information is placed in a user friendly and logical fashion
  3. The Agent architecture comes with all the plug-ins you require
  4. Technology uses latest ADF technology, easy to install (solid documentation), also was impressed with the operating system Solaris 11.


  1. I had some hiccups when test driving the application where i needed to shutdown services and databases to get it started. (I probably had some patches that i did not install – Make sure you have all recommended patches)
  2. I found that the licensing agreement is quite complex probably because of its enterprise wide reach, Below is the link to the licensing agreement
  3. EM12c R2 is certified with BI Publisher only. Therefore in case you are using EM 12c R1 which is integrated with BI Publisher, you must upgrade the BI Publisher to

As Cloud Computing sees a better adoption rate, I think the prospects of Enterprise manager 12c will bevery promising.

Below is how a Private Cloud Lifecycle (also known as the Enterprise Cloud) project would be executed from initiation to deployment.


For individuals that are not aware or familiar with this product line and would like to learn more, here are some links to help you get started:

Overview of the Oracle Enterprise Manager 12 C - Online Documentation

Oracle Enterprise manager 12c videos

Thank you all for the feedback on the website, really appreciate it, helped me quickly to get a handle on the issues/bugs. I will configure video sometime in February.

I am currently test driving Oracle Exadata with some folks in Palo Alto, will share my thoughts/pros and cons and strategies to adopt Exadata on my next article.

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