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Time to market (TTM) is the length of time it takes from a product being conceived until its being available for sale.

There are no standards for measuring TTM, and measured values can vary greatly. First, there is great variation in how different organizations define the start of the period.

Finally, TTM measurements vary greatly depending on complexity – complexity of the product itself, the technologies it incorporates, its manufacturing processes, or the organizational complexity of the project (for example, outsourced components).

Some companies have been successful in putting their products into categories of newness, but establishing levels of complexity remains elusive.Companies pursue TTM improvement for a variety of reasons. Some variations of TTM are

  • Pure speed, that is, bring the product to market as quickly as possible. This is valuable in most industries.
  • Minimizing resources, especially labor. Many managers figure that the shorter the project the less it will cost, so they attempt to use TTM as a means of cutting expenses.
  • Product innovation is intimately tied to change, and often the need for change appears midstream in a project.

These types of TTM illustrate that an organization’s TTM goals should be aligned with its business strategy rather than pursuing speed blindly.

For customers using Oracle Applications R12, it is important to properly understand the new Fusion middleware that allows for Master Data Management and integration with process management using BPEL , business rules, ESB, Enterprise connectivity,etc.

Most customers should not always move blindly to customize your Oracle Applications. With the arrival of SOA, the business should be dictating to IT what tools they need to be more efficient and not vice versa.

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    Raymond Smith

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