Starting an OBI project

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Starting an OBI project

The nuts and bolts of putting together a decent data warehouse are not that hard.

But in the corporation the reality is: you need to make sure you store the correct granularity of data, you have all of the right constraints in place (plus all those other helpful bits of metadata that the query optimizer uses), the right backup and recovery regime, some useful pre-built summaries, a fast ETL (preferably set-based) load process and enough grunt to deliver the data to the users. Not rocket science (but perhaps hard enough for people to want to use a consultant)

But the hard thing is to plan for those ad-hoc user queries created in a drag and drop query tool. Typically, the user picks columns from a palette of available data objects and drops them on to a canvas representing a report, graph, cross-tab or whatever.  One experience that you will probably encounter is when the user tell s you it is easy to create a report on the screen; it usually does not mean it is simple to get the information back from the data warehouse.

To get you started, I created a logical flow of deliverables that I think you should maintain during your data warehouse project.

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  • Eva Wilson

    Eva Wilson

    05 January 2013 at 14:30 |
    Hi Alex ,
    Happy new year, we have embarked in an implementation of OBI and your logical flow, has helped us considerably to map our financial reporting project.
    Eva from Melbourne, Australia

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