Sizing your ERP Production Environment

on Tuesday, 01 January 2013. Posted in Blog, Oracle Security and Administration

One question that comes often, how  to size your production, this is not science it is an art, yes guidelines exists but no two client environments are the same.


I like to begin by using the following table to define the online user workload by EBS application family.  This will provide a high level sizing based on blended metrics for multiple application modules within the application family.  Also most vendors have detailed questionaires to help with the sizing exercise. 

Oracle EBS
Application Families
Numbers of Users by EBS Application Family # Sessions per User(default = 1)
* # Named
# Concurrently Active Users
* Total * Light * Std. * Heavy
 Supply Chain Planning 6 6      5  
 Logistics & Transportation    Management            
 Order Management 12 12   6 6  
 Manufacturing 40 40   10 30  
 Sales and Marketing            
 Service 340 340 37 60    
 Human Resources            
 Projects 275 200   100 100  
 Procurement 25       25  
 Maintenance Mgmt            
 Totals 1700          
Under-sizing has a significant increase in TCO, Oversizing in the other hand allocates costs earlier. The company always saves money by right sizing, easier said than done. Metalink has some interesting whitepapers on ERP sizing. Oracle's strategy of launching exadata at OOW10 will help resolve this issue.
Exadata Database Machine relieves the use of responsibility for physical configuration and deployment of database servers and associated storage, offering pretty impressive performance and scalability benefits. It merits careful consideration as your main system or data warehouse or an OLTP database consolidation platform.


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