Outsourcers are failing to understand Business and Technology Outsourcing

on Tuesday, 01 January 2013. Posted in Blog

Why so many outsourcers are failing to understand on how to provide a compelling offering in the areas of Technology and Business Outsourcing?  

In these compelling times, companies are going back to the basics, forget about your companies outsourcing template they want their outsourcing firms to demonstrate an ROI and provide metrics that confirm the ROI. A turn is happening mostly we are going back to the basics

Financial; give them ROI, lower their costs, and increase profits.
Productivity; efficiency, effectiveness and engagement
Governance: reduce company risk and maintain company assets 

Also they need to provide better documentation and accountability for total production in relation to the amount of money spend for the outsourcing services. 

Outsourcing firms have to become less reactive and more responsive. (I think the trend of the 10 year outsourcing contracts will be changing to a reduced 3 to 5 year term) 

Also another area, which needs improvement, is the lack of quality mostly because of the lack of business knowledge of the provider, understand the business and then provide your solution offerings.


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