Be patient and give yourself time before implementing MOAC in Release 12.1

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Multi-Org Access Control enables companies that have implemented a shared services operating model to efficiently process business transactions by allowing them to access, process, and report on data for an unlimited number of operating units within a single applications responsibility. That was a major limitation in R11.


MOAC will automatically increase the productivity of shared service centers, as users and processes no longer have to switch applications responsibilities when processing transactions for multiple operating units at a time. The data security and access privileges are still maintained using security profiles that now support a list of operating units.


The user level preferences must be well thought out and can optionally be set to access a subset of operating units.

 Profile option ‘MO: Security Profile’:Profile option ‘MO: Security Profile’ controls what security profile is active for a session 



This is how MOAC works in Release 12 when the value of “MO: Security Profile” is set. The important point to note here is that the profile “MO: Operating Unit” is ignored when the profile “MO: Security Profile” is set. This enables us to use both R12 MOAC behavior and 11i behavior simultaneously in R 12. You can also choose to completely use one of them. Take your time and think it through when designing your solution.


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