3 Important rules,Project Managers should follow when planning and executing an enterprise project

on Tuesday, 01 January 2013. Posted in Blog


1)      Know your integration points, the heartache of any Project Manager is system integration, if you are new to the project management space, don’t let the word integration confuse you. It simply means linking together the various software programs so that the subsystems can work together, to provide you more functionality than you can gain from any application by its own.

Don’t skip the architecture diagrams showing how various software package push and receive data flows throughout the organization, critical for you to understand.


2)      Project Management is problem management. Resources are overallocated, technologies and skill sets are incompatible, requirements are unclear and timelines unrealistic. I frequently work  with PMs who view those type of issues as inconveniences or problems caused by external forces that are interfering with their work. If only they had done this... if only they would give me more time..., needless to say, these folks spend most of their time frustrated and tense.




3)      Communication skills, Project managers need to build the reflex of mitigating breakdowns in communications between team members and provide constant effective communication.

This earlier blog I wrote in 2009 still applies: The top 5 most critical communication skills for a Project Manager are:





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