3 dimensions for successful business transformation

on Tuesday, 01 January 2013. Posted in Blog

Ownership: Key decisions related to the desired state.

At strategic level, focused on the overall business model, business processes and business case.At operational level, focused on detailed blueprint in support of the business model, such as: organization structures, business procedures, technical design, etc.

Sponsorship: Mobilization towards desired state and delivery of benefits.

At strategic level, focused on aligning organizational priorities and promoting the change. At operational level, focused on supporting groups of employees during the transition  (change at individual level) and integrating new processes and organizations as designed.

Deployment: Implementation of the tools (systems and procedures) in support of the desired state.

At strategic level, focused on ensuring alignment between the tools as deployed and the business model as well as securing the resources required for the deployment.At operational level, focused on coordinating all activities required for a successful deployment (training, cut-over, data cleansing, etc.)

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